Nd:Yag Laser Machines

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Photronics is an industry-leading supplier of new and used cosmetic laser equipment for the beauty and tattoo industries. Our stock of Nd:YAG Lasers changes frequently, and we are sometimes also able to source machines to order. Nd:YAG machines are also known as “long-pulsed” or “Q-switched” lasers and are seen to be the best type of laser for tattoo removal. They can target very precise areas, penetrate deeply to remove typically difficult red inks, and are very good at removing black/blue inks on darker skins.

Whether you’re a tattooist, beautician or dermatologist – our experienced laser engineers and sales team will be happy to give you unbiased purchasing advice to suit your budget and needs.

  • 1064 nm Fractional Q-Switch Nd:YAG Handpiece

  • 1064 nm Long Pulse Nd:YAG Laser Handpiece

  • 1064 nm Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser Handpiece

  • 1320 nm Fractional Nd:YAG Laser Handpiece

  • 1440 nm Fractional Nd:YAG Laser Handpiece

  • 2940 nm Fractional Erbium Er:YAG Handpiece

  • Picasso Blend Diode Laser Handpiece

  • Sciton Joule