Handpiece Refurbishment

An all in one cost effective solution

Having your Laser and IPL equipment serviced or repaired can come at a huge price and many people are not aware that you are not obligated to go through the equipment manufacturer. If you're currently looking for a reliable company to refurbish applicators then look no further, this also applies if you have an expensive contract with your current supplier and are looking for high quality on a pay as you go basis. We understand how expensive Intense Pulsed Light Systems can cost to run and we can advise you how to get the longest life out of your product and therefore reduce your overall running costs.

What goes into our IPL handpiece refurbishments?

After sending us your used applicator in a secure package we assess the condition as found and the work required for restoration. If in good condition we carry out a standard refurbishment of a flash lamp, internal filter and ceramic reflector. If the glass lightguide is damaged with pits or chipped corners we would advise you if we can repair the issue or if it requires replacement for your client's safety.

We source the highest quality components

Unlike most companies out there we have invested lots of time testing various combinations of applicator components to extend the shot life for our users. Quality is the aim of the game for us at Photronics and we are saddened to see large supposedly respectable companies charging a premium for leaving in degraded parts to save themselves money. We guarantee our lamps will last at least 12,000 shots depending on which skin types are treated. It is not uncommon for lamps used on dark skin tones to last up to 4 times longer. We sterilise the water lines to prevent algae cross contamination because otherwise it could severely compromise the cooling system in the machine.

How it works


Contact us

Give us a call on 020 8367 4141 or contact us from our enquiry form. We will then give you a quote for the refurbishment.

Package safety and send

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We'll confirm its arrived

Once it's arrived we'll send you the invoice and start the work

Shipment back

Once complete we'll ship it back to you next day delivery
  • Ellipse Laser for Beauty Salon in the Hague, Nederlands

    I have good experiences with the quality of Photronics. They do what they promise and act surprisingly fast. Good service for a reasonable price!
    Jos Waardijk
    Tour of Beauty - The Hague, Netherlands
  • Photronics looks after all our Ellipse servicing and applicator renewals, would highly recommend their services.
    Mary Gillmore
    Beauty Essence, 7 Well Court London,
  • Laura Murphy
    We use Photronics for our Ellipse applicator refurbs and technical services on a regular basis as they provide good workmanship and quality advice.
    Laura Murphy
    Advanced Laser Light