Alma Soprano Handpiece Refurbishment

We can refurbish handpieces for the following Alma Diode Lasers

  • Soprano XL
  • Soprano XLi
  • Soprano Ice
  • Soprano Platinum

Refurbishment Costs

Refurbishing Soprano Ice handpieces can be an costly affair, the main bulk of the cost goes into replacing the expensive Laser Diode stack inside the handpiece. The quality of this component is key to the life expectancy that could potentially be achieved from your Soprano Ice Diode Laser.

What is a Laser Diode Stack?

A diode laser stack usually consists of between 6 and 12 bars made of Gallium Arsenide. When your handpiece eventually dies after many millions of shots this component will require replacement.

Diode stacks are least 80% of the value of the handpiece, when you pay for a refurbishment this is where the bulk of the money goes. We refurbish most types of Soprano handpieces using high quality components.


We offer a 6 month or 5 million shots guarantee on Alma Soprano applicator refurbishments but expect the life of these Diode stacks to last much longer.

We also service Alma Soprano Lasers

We can service your Alma Harmony and Harmony XL machines without the need for expensive annual contracts. Click below to go to our service and repairs page.

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