Ellipse IPL Service.

Support for your Ellipse IPL Machine

Photronics proudly support our customers who have older style Ellipse IPL machines. We help you maximise your return on investment for years to come even after the manufacturer has ceased support. Unlike cheap IPL machines, Ellipse systems were built to last, with some of our client’s equipment still going strong whilst approaching 20 years old.

Ellipse IPL repairs.

Original OEM Ellipse parts

We use all original Ellipse parts in our machine repairs which we source from genuine stock. Do not believe that these parts cannot be sourced, your investment can still be maintained for the years to come with some of the machines we look after being well over 15 years old.

We can provide

  • Applicator refurbishments
  • Annual servicing
  • Service contracts
  • Repairs
  • Shot dongles
  • Technical support




For these Ellipse machines

  • Light
  • Flex
  • SPT (Superlight)
  • SPT+
  • PPT
  • Multiflex
  • Microlight
  • Nordlys
  • Sirius

Ellipse shot dongles

Photronics can supply you with 25,000 shot dongles for your Ellipse machines (2010+). We offer bundles which includes the refurbishment of the long life applicators when required.

Ellipse service contracts.

Fair prices fixed for 2 years

Our service contracts are priced fairly and tailored to our clients requirements. Once we give you a quote that price will be fixed for 2 years and we will not enforce price hikes due to market conditions.

The quotes we provide are simple to calculate and do not require complex charts with tick boxes and various packages corresponding to precious
metals. Rest assured that everything will be covered with no hidden surprises.

Only pay for the refurbishments you use

Rest assured that if you do not use all of the refurbishment services in your package this can either roll over to the following year at your request or your contract price can be reduced if you have overestimated your usage.

What do our service contracts include?

  • 1 annual service visit   (We find this more than suffices when done well)
  • An estimated number of applicator refurbishments
  • Shot dongles (For SPT+ and Microlight systems)
  • 48 hour breakdown (Optional)
  • Telephone support

What’s included in the 48 hour breakdown cover?

Breakdown cover is optional but can prove incredibly useful for quicker
repairs with minimal downtime. All parts and labour costs are inclusive with no hidden surprises as we aim to provide you with the best value possible.

Excellent service - many thanks to Nick for rescuing us from a tricky situation so quickly. Very knowledgeable, professional and nothing is ever too much trouble! Highly recommend Photronics!

Sharon HoareSaks Hair & Beauty - Cheam, Surrey

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