Laser / IPL Repair

Why service Laser machines?

Lasers and IPL systems are complex aesthetic and medical devices, preventative maintenance is required to keep them running efficiently and to protect your investment for potentially more serious costly issues occurring. All optics must be inspected for degradation otherwise output is reduced and power supplies have to work harder to achieve desired results. Your clients will notice that treatments are not living up to their expectations and you may have to provide many more sessions or at worst receive requests for refunds which can ruin your reputation.

What goes into a Laser Service?

Common procedures normally carried out for IPL and Lasers are:

  • Checking the output calibration using calibrated Ophir meters
  • Inspecting optics for damage
  • Cleaning / replacing filters
  • Removing internal dust
  • Replacing / filling cooling water
  • Pat test (If required)
  • Function checks and overall inspection)

Signs that your Laser machine may require servicing

  • The machine is not removing hair as expected
  • For Q-Switched Lasers, the machine may struggle with certain Tattoo colours
  • Error messages on screen eg: lamp simmer issues
  • Intermittent faults
  • Overheating

Quailty Reliable Service

Our service reports are accepted by insurance companies and local councils inspections and our engineers have undergone intensive training with industry leading manufacturers of laser machines. As appointed servicing agents for Fotona and Sciton Lasers, we have authorised access to original parts. In the event of this not being possible we source used parts from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to enable quality electrical repairs and optical refurbishment.
  • Photronics looks after all our Ellipse servicing and applicator renewals, would highly recommend their services.
    Mary Gillmore
    Beauty Essence, 7 Well Court London,
  • Priti Thakerar
    Photronics have been servicing our IPL & LASER machines for a few years now and are always very efficient, reliable and professional. Highly Recommended!
    Priti Thakerar
    Jeunesse, 467 Uxbridge Road, Middlesex
  • Dr Jeya Prakash
    Photronics provides excellent engineering expertise for all our laser systems. They also provide Laser Protection Advisement and have made laser safe our new surgery. I would highly recommend them.
    Dr Jeya Prakash
    Professional Cosmetic Surgery & Healthy Ageing Clinic, 112 Harley Street, London
  • Laura Murphy
    We use Photronics for our Ellipse applicator refurbs and technical services on a regular basis as they provide good workmanship and quality advice.
    Laura Murphy
    Advanced Laser Light