Face Contouring Lasers

Photronics supplies cosmetic laser equipment with a choice of handpieces, allowing you to perform a variety of facial contouring treatments for your clients. Clients in their 30s and 40s will notice that the corners of the mouth begin to droop, jowls start to form, the chin gets larger and the nasal-labial folds become more pronounced. This is a good audience to target with your laser contouring treatments – they have disposable income, and because the skin still has some elasticity and hasn’t aged too far, they’re able to see almost instantly gratifying results. Success stories are often then shared wih friends and potential clients on instagram, facebook and other social media, which generates free marketing for your salon. Win win.

If you’re buying a facial contouring laser system, you’ll want to ensure you have a range of quality handpieces including the RF (radiofrequency) and HIFU (ultrasound) options. Photronics engineers can advise you on suitability and we also offer finance agreements if you’re struggling to see how the cashflow will work. Get in touch today for a chat and we’ll discuss your options.

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