Skin Rejuvenation Lasers

Investing in a good all-round laser machine for your clinic or salon will allow you to offer a comprehensive selection of face and body rejuvenation treatments. Nowadays, we all want to look younger, fresher, tighter, smoother… Facial rejuvenation lasers are designed to target fine line and wrinkles, improve skin texture, stimulate new collagen, remove red veins and lesions, lift the jowls and tigthen the facial contours.

Our brand new Wavelength Multi-Technology Laser offers a staggering 19 possible handpieces, allowing you to achieve the full range of treatments by using different wavelengths and spot sizes, Why not book a demo of this cutting edge machine in your own salon? Or check out our new and used skin rejuvenation equipment below. Photronics are laser engineers by trade, not generic salespeople, so we know what we’re looking at. We can often source machines to order – get in touch using our contact form, we’d love to become your preferred partner.

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